aṃsamu meaning in english

[Skt] n. A share, part, portion, a fraction; the denominator of one; a degree of latitude or longitude (Geog.); a subject bhagamu, visayamu, devuni yaṃsamuna puttinavadu he who is born from a portion of the deity, he who is of divine origin; aṃsapurusudu a fortunate man, a man of talent or parts.varnanaṃsamu a descriptive part or passage in a poem. i aṃsamu naku telusunu I am acquainted with this subject. i aṃsamulo in this respect. vadu anni aṃsamulu telisinavadu he knows every thing. aṃsacakramu a table consulted by astrologers in casting nativities, an astrological diagram for ascertaining the degree of the sun in any sign. dasaṃsamu the tenth part; aṃsasavarana = reduction of fractions; aṃsaniyamu or aṃsyamu = that which is divisible.