a meaning in english

[The Secondary form of this letter is -which is a modified form of the upright stroke | used to denote the long sound of a in Sanskrit. 
[The ingenuity of the inventors of the Indian Alphabets is shown by the way in which they formed the long vowels out of the short ones by giving a slightly different turn to their forms. See Taylor.] 
2. The demonstrative sign, as a pani that act, a kathalu those stories, a venuka after that, a tellavari next morning. a a (or ayayindlalo in the various houses. 
3. As a contraction a stands for asvasamu chapter; also for a certain verse ataveladi of a certain metre. 
4. As a Sanskrit prefix it means Upto, Until, As far as; as acandrarkamu or acandratarakamu as long as the moon and the sun or stars last. ajanuvu to the knee. apadamattakamu. from head to foot.abalagopalamu up to or including the children and the shepherds. asamudramu as far as the sea. See akanthamu and acandalamu
5. A Telugu affix denoting question, or surprise as atada (is it) he? 
6. An interjection a, or a a, or aha Yes, Aye: or Ah! A. iv. 5.