acarincu meaning in english

[Skt.] v. a. To practise, to observe, to be used to, to do habitually. To put in practice (the precepts of religion), to perform (bathing, &c.) To celebrate (a religious festival.) acaranamu acharanamu. n. Doing, performing. acaramu, nadataacaramu acharamu. n. Practice, custom. Rule, fashion, mode, a course of conduct, institute or observance, Religious observance. matacaramucoppuna according to the principles of the creed. acari achari. n. A caste title borne by the Vaishnavite Brahmins, the men of the blacksmith and goldsmith castes. sadacari a man of good principles. acaryatvamu acharyatvamu. n. The office of a priest. acaryudu acharyudu. n. A teacher. A priest: a spiritual guide or preceptor: one who invests the student with the sacrificial thread and instructs him in the mysteries of the religion.