accu meaning in english

n. A stamp, a form for printing or for any other impression, a type, a printing press. An axle-tree. A mould. The handle of a handmill, A weaver’s reed or stay. An image, or picture. prati rupamunu kalpincetidi, irusumanu, tiragati pidi, batta vesetanduku sadhanamainadi, pratibimbamu. pota accu the mould wherein clay or metal is cast. itike accu the box or mould used in making bricks. accaksaramulu printed letters. accuveyu to print. inka accuveyani unprinted, unpublished.accuvesevadu a printer. aksarala acculu types of letters. bellapu accu a square mould into which boiled treacle is poured, and thus formed into cakes.accubellamu a lump of jaggery, accottu to seal, impress with a mark, to print accukutamu (a Madras word,) A printing press office mudrasala. accuballa the frame on which a weaver’s reed is fixed. accuvesinayeddu a “brahminy” bull that is marked or stamped and is allowed to wander at large, as consecrated to the deity. accukattuor accukattuveyu v. a. To prepare land for wet cultivation by throwing up banks to divide it into plots, partitions or beds. malluga erparacu accukattincinamadi oraccukattu polamu a field which is divided into beds for wet cultivation. acculapoyu to find yarn on the frame for weaving (Cuddapa.) accuga attsu-ga. [Tel.] adv. Precisely, exactly, clearly, evidently. “piccukapai brahmastamu naccuga dodiginavitana.” T. iv. 22.