agu meaning in english

[Tel.] (commongly written avu), v. To be, to become, to prove to be. The present p|| is agucu, or avucu as agucunnadu or avucunnadu he is becoming. mikkili siri agunu much fortune will result. The past p|| is ayi as donga ayi turned a rogue, become a thief. The root in A of agu is ka as atla karadu it cannot happen so. Aorist p|| agu, agunatti, ayye, ayyedi as krurudagu cruel. salivahanasaka varsambulu 1466 agunatti krodhi saṃvatsara kartikasuddha 5 sanivaramu Saturday the 5th of the bright fortnight of the month Kartika in the year Krodhi “which is” the year 1466 (of the Salivahana &ae;ra.) idi dongatanamu ayyepaniganuka as this is a matter in which a man might prove a rogue. Past Rel. p|| ayina as nadi ayina gurramu a horse of mine. The imperatives are kammu plu. kandi. Causal forms kajeyu orkavincu. Negative aorist kadu, &c. agura = aganu+ra = avunu. It is so. 
1. To be, to become, as kaki kokilayagune can a crow become a cuckoo? vadu emayinadu what has become of him? donga ayinadu he proved to be a thief. vadu nerasthudainadu he was found guilty. a pani avunu kakapovunu that undertaking may or may not be accomplished. vaniki akali avutunnadi he is hungry. itlu ratriyaguta as it was now night. baludaguta as he is but a child. 
2. To be made, to be finished, to be spent or expended, to elapse, as pani sighramuga kavalenu the work must be done soon. vivahamagumu marry her. a pendli ayinadithe marriage took place. bhojanamayinadi dinner is over. rajadarpanamayinadi I got a sight of the king. ayinadanni cupu shew what has been done. a pani ayinadi the work is over, it is done. kavaccinadi it is nearly done. rukalu ayipoyinadi the money is expended. saṃvatsaramu ayinadi a year has passed. nela avutunnadi it is about a month since. arthamayinada do you understand it? saku bhavamukatedu I do not understand it. bhavamuyanadi I understand it. snanamu kavincu to bathe, or to cause to bathe. tirpukaledu no decision has been given. mrucciliteccuta magatana mbagune is it a manly thing to steal?
3. To be proper or fit, to be agreeable, as iccata nundanagune manaku is it fit for us to remain here? kani pani an improper or unbecoming act. atla ceyanavuna is it right to do so? pagalu kacinapalu a ratriki avunu milk boiled the same day is fit for use that night. ataniki naku kananduna as we are not on good terms. ayinavandlunnu kanivandlunnu friends and enemies.
4. To grow, as i totalo emi avutavi what is grown in this garden? ikkada vari kadu rice does not grow here.
5. (Governing a dative) To stand in relation, as vadu nikemavutadu how is he related to you? naku kavalasinavaru my relations. vaniki memu emikamu we are in no way related to him.
6. Added to some nouns it gives them a verbal significance, as varu eppudu prayanamavutaru when will they start or set out? vibhagalu ayi verinti kapuramu cestunnaruthey seperated and live apart.