aksamu meaning in english

[Skt.] n. A die to play with; dice; an axle. sogatalapacika, irugu. Terrestrial latitude. aksakarnamu = The hypotenuse, especially of the triangle formed with the gnomon of a dial and its shadow; in astronomy, the argument of the latitude. aksagramu, the end of an axle. aksagrasilamu, a linch-pin; the pin which fastens the yoke to the pole. rudraksa, the seed of Elcocarpus Ganitrus, or of Beleric Myrobalan, which is used as a die. aksavapanamu, a dice-boardaksatatvamu science of dice. aksavidya aksha-vidya. [Tel.] n. Gambling, dice-play. pacikala ataaksadhurtudu aksha-dhurtudu. [Skt.] n. A game master, a gambler. judari.