aksaramu meaning in english

[Skt. lit Eternal. imperishable.] n. A letter, a single syllable, a character of the alphabet, hand writing. A single syllable, whether of one letter or more. Thus the word saṃskrta Sam-skru-tam is termed a word of three lettersṃekaksaramu a monosyllable. saṃyuktaksaramu two or more letters united in one syllable, as stri wherein four letters are united. tyraksari try-ak-shari; the sacred or mystic syllable (o AUM, or O’M a name of the Deity) that contains three letters. ṃaksarajnudu a man of letters. aksarabhyasamu beginning to learn the alphabet or the first principles of a language; mantraksaramu a cypher of syllable used in magic. idi ayana aksaramu kadu this is not his handwriting. nivadda appuga tisukonna ru 300 aksarala munnuru rupayilu i.e., “Rs. 300 (three hundred Rupees.)” here the same sum is denoted in writing as well as in figures. vadu niraksarakuksi he is an illiterate man. vaniki notlo aksaralu leciyunnavi his mouth is inflammed.aksaravinyasamu, the array of letters, writing.