anta meaning in english

[Tel.] n. Whole; adj. So much. adv. Then, afterwards. ni venta adigite anta yistanu I will give you as much as you ask. antakante then that. antakantaas much again. antakantaku by degrees; more and more. antakumundu before that. antamandi so many men. antamandilo among so many persons. antamattuku so far, thus far. antamatramu only so much antasepu so long. antalo in the mean time. mudantalu three times as much. akkadiki poyinantalo on his going there. vadu tanantane vaccinadu he came of his own accord. antavadu ledu. there never was such a man. rajantavadavu thou art equal to the king. nayantavadu my equal, one like me one as tall as I am. ante avunu. that probably is the case nidralecinantalo when he rose from sleep, as soon as he awoke. nenu telisikonnanta as much as I knowantapani such an act.