anu meaning in english

[Tel.] v. n. To say, to think, to suppose. ceppu, talacu, encu. (Past p.|| ani. Relative p.|| anina or anna, Aor. p.|| ane, anedi, anedu, aneti. Neg. p.|| anani.) atla antadu so he says.kavalenane manasu a desire to have it. talukkumanu to shine or glitter. cetito itla annadu he did so with his hand. anutayu on his saying so. anaga may be translated “or;” thus acalamuga kondaAchalam or hill; Achalam which means a hill. anudu adv. On (his) saying this. anaga, anetappatiki, anavuduanukonu anu-konu. [Tel.] v. n. To say, suppose, think, (middle voice of anu to say or think.) nenu idi yistananukonnadu he thought that I would give him this.