aru meaning in english

[Tel.] v. n. To teem with, be full of nindu; to be or havesomparina beautiful. imparina delightful. nindaruganunnadi it is full. alararu blooming. cennarina lovely. polparina charming (compare the affix ari as nerpari, sompari, &c.) gojaru to trouble. somparu to bloom, to be pretty. In such phrases as nuraru veyyaru the word aru is not the numeral six, but is a form of aru to be full; so veyyaru means full thousand and nuraru full a hundred. nurarumuddulu a full hundred kisses. cetularanga sivuni pujimpadeni if he sacrifice not to Siva with his own hands. cetulara rukalu cellistini I paid the money with my own hands. pani arumudu ayinadi the work is all in confusion, at sixes and sevens.