attu meaning in english

[Tel.] adv. (A particle) So that, as, according to. atadu vaccetattu vrayumu write a letter so that he may come. miru ceppinattuga cestini I did as you bid me. ayana ceppinattu according to his order. vadu inka avatalaku povunattu agupaddadu he seemed as though he would go further. nenu ceppinattucesinadu he did as I said. varu sagipoyinattuga ceppenu he said that they had passed on. attu gaka or atlakaka attugaka. adv. Without being so. attula attula. adv. As soon as, soon after. ventane. “cettu digi vaccinattula.” H. ii. 47. Just as. aprakaramuatte (for atlageatte. [Tel.] adv. Thus. So. In the same manner, as it was. atte undani leave it as it is. noppi atte unnadi the pain is in the same state. atte poyinadu he went off straightway. atte matladutu undinadu he was talking straight on. a gurramulatte unnavi the horses are as they were: they are untouched.