dasa meaning in english

[Skt.] n. State, condition. avastha. Power, authority, influence. Luck. fortune. balyadasa childhood. vrddhadasa old age. kramadasavaccenu a time of famine came. ni jatakaprakaramu rendu dasalu bhagyanubhavincivalasi nadinni rendudasalu grahacaramu anubhavincavalasinadinni your destiny gives you two portions of good and two of evil. a raju enni dasalu bagyamunuanubhavincinadu what proportion of the king’s life was happy? grahadasa the influence of the stars. mahadasa the rule or away of the predominant planet, qualified or modified by antardhasa the several influences of the minor planets. atadu jivadasanunnappudu when he was alive. kastadasalonunnadu he is in difficulties.