dasamu meaning in english

[Skt.] n. Ten. padi. dasakamu dasakamu. n. A word for Ten: as we say a dozen for twelve. dasakanthudu dasa-kanthudu. n. The “ten throated” demon, i.e., Ravana. Proverbially, a hydra, devil, or monster. dasamamu dasamamu. adj. The tenth part (of a book, &c.) dasami dasami. n. The tenth lunar day reckoned from new or full moon. padotithi. dasarathudu dasa-radhudu. n. The name of the father of Rama. dasasyudu das-asyudu. n. The “ten faced” demon, i.e., Ravana. A hydra or devil. dasahamu dasahamu. n. The ceremony performed on the tenth day after a death. padonatisraddhamu. dasavandhamu or dasabandhamu dasa-vandhamu. n. An Inam, or copy-hold, taxed at one tenth of the produce. An inam granted to one who constructs a tank.