dhanamu meaning in english

[Skt.] n. A herd of cattle. avulamanda. (Gf. Lat. pecus.) Treasure, property, resources, wealth. In mathematics, it is the equivalent of the word ‘plus.” (Warren.) (Metaphorically) a talent “abhimanambu dhanambuga” (Bobbili Padya. ii. 129.) surely honour is wealth. krayadhanamu the price paid, the cost price, the purchase money. stridhanamu dowry or pin-money. dhanadvigunamu ayinadi the interest equalled the principal. dhanadayaparulu beneficent persons. dhananjayudu dhanan-jayudu. n. A title of Agni or Vulcan, the god of fire: as being the “vanquisher of wealth.” Also, of Arjuna, arjunudu. dhananjayapuramu dhananjaya-puramu. n. A volcano. The yoni, as being the abode of vital heat. agni mandalamu or agnipuramu. dhanadamudhanadamu. adj. Beneficient, liberal. dhanadudu dhandudu. n. A beneficent or liberal man. data. A name of Kubera, the god of riches. dhanikudu, dhanavantudu, dhani or dhanudu dhanikudu. n. One who is rich, a wealthy man, a rich man. pandityadhanudu one who has a richly stored mind: a highly accomplished man. tapodhanulu great saints: those who abound in penances. punyadhanulu those who are rich in good works. See dhanyamu.