digu meaning in english

[Tel.] v. n. To come down from a higher place. To alight, drop, come or go down, descend from; to dismount. To be landed, unladen, or disembarked, as goods. digumatiyagu. To fail, break down, sink, fall back, fall in debt or arrears. digabadu. To lodge, dwell, halt, prayanamandu darilo vidiyu. To distil, or drop down, as any secretion. To settle, as sediment or dregs. To abate, cease, go off, become less, diminish, as fatness. To sink, as ink in paper, or water in earth. To penetrate or go in, as a stab. To come forth, as fruit from the bud, as in mamidikayalu digucunnavi. ollu digipoyinadi he is reduced by sickness. buddadiginamanisi a man with a rupture. daniki nillu digavu she cannot swallow. madamudigina yenagu an elephant not in rut. a panilo diginadu he went into that business. The causal form is dincu or dimpu. (q. v.) See also digi digudu or diggudu digudu. n. A descent, or downward incline. adj. Descending, going down. Mean, base, low. takkuva, pallamu. egadudigudu up and down, irregular, uneven. digudubavi a well into which they descend by steps. digudala digudala. n. Underneath. Desending, decline. krindibhagamu. digubatu digu-batu. n. A descent, or downard decline. dovadigubatuganunnadi the path is precipitous. Deduction, loss. digumati digu-mati. n. Disembarkation, importation, landing of goods, odaloni sarakulanu revunandu dincuta. digumaticeyu to land, unship, import. diguva diguva. n. The under side. krinda. adj. Lower, inferior, under. adv. Below, under, kinduga, diguvayi diguvayi. adj. Lower, inferior. takkuva.diguvaru digu-varu. (digudu+paru.) v. n. To fall down. midanundikrindiki padu. To flow, karu.