dipamu meaning in english

[Skt.] n. A lamp a light. dipamupettu dipamu-pettu. v. n. To light a lamp. Metaphorically, to sustain a man’s household. Also, to offer prayers for blessing on a benefactor: thus, tama padalaku dipamu pettukontanu. (Lit.) I will light a candle (in the chapel) to thy feet, i.e., I will offer thee worship of thankfulness. dipakamu dipakamu. n. A light dipamu. adj. That which burns. veligincunadi. Omum seeds, omamu, vamu. Also. used for dimamu. (q. v.) dipavalli dipa-ralli. n. The wick of a lamp. dipapuvatti. dipavrksamu dipa-vrikshamu. n. A candelabrum, al lamp-stand. dipastambhamu. diparadhana dip-aradhana. n. The rite of offering a light to a god. The lighting up lamps at a shrine. dipavali (dipa+avali.) dip-avali. n. Lit: A row of lights, i.e., A feast held on the 14th day of the dark fortnight (bahula) in Aswayuja (answering to Oct. Nov.) wherein is commemorated the narakasuravadha. dipincu. dip-intsu. v. n. To shine, to be evident. to be distinguished or glorious. dipika dipika. n. A lamp, a light. dipamu. andhra dipika the Lamp of Telugu, the name of a Telugu Dictionary. nitidipika lit. “The lamp of Morals.” dipti dipti. n. Lustre. brilliancy. kanti, velugu. dipyamu dip-yamu. n. Cummin seed. omamu, jilakarra.