donga meaning in english

[Tel. &root; ti to take lit. One who takes.] n. A thief or robber. A rogue. cheat, or hypocrite. A wretch, or miscreant: a culprit or felon. Any injurious substance as a thief in a candle or a hand core in the heart of a palmyra or plantain shoot. adj. False, delusive, sly, feigned, pretended, hypocritical, dishonest, dishonourable, mischievous, stolen, wicked, sinful. donganela land unjustly got, mosamucesi apaharincina nela. donga yisuka a quicksand, krindinillu teliyakunda midanundu isuka. donganidra feigned sleep. dongasommulu stolen goods, dongilincina sommu. dongikudu food obtained fraudulently, itarulerugakunda mosamucesi tinu kudu. dongagoddu a curst cow, a beast, that strays into other’s fields to graze there, dongameta meyupasuvu. dongabigamu a false key,marubigamu. dongareyi that part of the midnight which is most favourable for robbers to go about. donga bhakti hypocrisy. dongamata a deceitful word. a lie. “dongavakita mancamuvesinaritiga” a proverb implying “make friends for the purpose of runing one.” dongatanamu, dongapani or dongarikamu donga-tanamu. n. Theft, robbery, roguery, cunning, craft, a trick, a fraud. dongatanambu livagalu this is mere pretence. dongatanamuga donga-tanamu-ga. adv. Secretly, by stealth, unawares. dongilincu or dongilu dongilintsu. v. a. To steal. apaharincu.