duyu meaning in english

[Tel.] v. a. To penetrate, go through. guccukonu. To pull off the scabbard, as a sword. To take palm leaves out of a volume. udadiyu to strip off leaves or boughs. To pluck, take, as a handful of grass. varadusi pulling off the scalbard. debba dusipoyinadi the blow glanced off. pegulu dissirapodici stabbed him so that the bowels came out. Pal. 424. duyutige Same as dussiramu. (q. v.) duyincu duyintsu. (causal of duyu.) v. a. To draw across, to pass over. kalinagaddaparaceta duyincenu he passed a hot iron over the hand. (This is a ceremony of ordeal in oaths, quite distinct from cauterizing.) dusipovu to go through or penetrate. To glance off, as a dart.