katti meaning in english

[Tel.] n. A knife. A sword. tisinakattitiru bittaliyai nilicinadi she stood as a drawn sword. A measure of land, which differs in various districts. It is considered to be as much as a man can reap in one day. In the Government accounts a “cutty” is rated at 40 acres and 14 guntalu (q. v.) This phrase, which means a “sword of land” implies that this quantity of land was assigned to a family which furnished the feudal lord one fighting man. kattikattedora katti-katte-dora. An officer, a gentleman who wears a sword. kattikasu katti-kasu. n. A carpenter’s tool for squaring. kattipitti katti-pitta. The Cuckoo called Hierococcyx variuscinna kattipitta The Indian plaintive cuckoo, Cacomantis passcrinus. (F.B.I.) kattipidika a basket in which a toddy drawer keeps his knives indravani kattula buttakattipita katti-pita. n. A large knife standing slantwise in a block of wood upon which vegetables are sliced. kattiballemu katti ballemu. A “sword spear,” a scythe-like blade mounted as a spear.