naccu meaning in english

v. a. and v. n. To confide, trust. nammu. To coax, persuade; to harass, pester. n. Delay. alasyamu. Wearisomeness, annoyance; something that gives trouble. badha. A knot-grass that infests corn. Waste land, infested with knot grass. adj. Wearisome, tiresome, annoying, tedious, importunate. Chronic, as an indolent sore. naccika or nacciga nachchika. n. Faith, confidence, belief, trust. nammika. naccupettu natstsu-pettu. v. t. To annoy, fret, tease. tondarapettu, badhincu. naccuberamadu natstsu-beramadu. v. n. To haggle, chaffer. nannu naccupetti ceppinadu he drummed this in my ears. naccukadu, naccukuppa or naccugottu natstsu-kadu. n. A makebate. A troublesome person, a bore.