naducu meaning in english

[Tel.] v. n. To walk, go, move, proceed. To happen, occur, pass, take place. To behave, conduct oneself, pravartincu. To take effect, as an order. To live, continue, last. To descend, as an estate. To beat, as applied to the pulse. To act (as a father, servant, &c.) varikindanadicebhumi the field they hold or enjoy. nadicenela the current month, vanikini makunu nadicinajabulu the letters that passed between us. nadicinajagadamu the dispute that took place. slokamu nadavavadda surely the verse ought to flow easily. a utsavamu nadustunnada is the feast still kept up?nadupu or nadapu nadupu. v. a. To make one walk, make a thing proceed. To manage, conduct. To navigate, steer a vessel. To undertake or govern. vyayamu nadupu to execute justice. n. Walk, pace, step, gait. Walking, gamanamu. Conduct, pravartanamu. nadipincu or nadapincu. nadi-pintsu. v. a. To make one walk. pillakayanu nadipincinadi she made the child walk. To conduct, carry on, push on.nadupu. a manyamu vaniki nadipincitini I let my field to him free. naducukonu nadutsu-konu. v. n. To behave.