ollu meaning in english

[Tel. another form of odalu] n. The body, person, figure. ni ollu etla unnadi how do you do? how are you? vaniki ollu tirugucunnadi he is giddy. vaniki ollu teliyaledu he is unwellvaniki ollutalimuledu he is out of his senses. olluvanci i pani ceyavalasinadi you must bend your back to this work. onti of the body; ontiki to the body; onta on the body. ni ontikavaramanatunu I will crush your pride. vadini annamu ontapattinadi he digested the food. ollupettu or ollupattu to become plump baliyu. mantrasaniyeduta ollu dacutava will you conceal your form in the midwife’s presence, i.e., will you conceal the truth from your lawyer?