agramu meaning in english

[Skt.] n. End, point, tip, front, fore-part, top, peak, summit. adj. First, preliminary, chief, principal. agrajya (in astron.) the sine of the amplitude. agrabhagamu (astron.) degree of amplitude. agrasaramu a compendious method of counting immense numbers. agraṃsuvu the end of a ray of light, the focal point. jihvagramu the tip of the tongue. Similarly nasikagramu, nakhagramu, &c. agraganyamu adj. Estimable, conspicuous. sresthamainaagraganyudu n. A chief, a leader. modata nencadaginavadu agrajanghamu the forepart of the thigh. agrajanmudu n. A brahmin. Elder brother. agrajudu n. An elder brother. anna.agrani n. A leader.